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Saturday, January 22, 2011

A funny story

So when I moved to Basel, it was crazy trying to find an apartment, I didn`t know how ridiculous it would be so put it off till I actually got here. Big mistake, I ended up staying at a Bed and Breakfast for 2 months! It was a learning experience, my advice to all when starting off in a new place, make all arrangements before you get there or else you`ll end up spending a lot of money you probably do not have. So I started my studies with the huge burden of looking for a place lingering in the background. Fortunately, the lady at the B&B was very helpful and understanding (I call her my mama in Basel and we still keep in touch), I eventually found a very cool place, like right out of one of those vintage French movies, old and cosy, just the way I liked it. This is exactly where I saw myself living when I thought of Europe and my roommate matched the apartment completely, artsy, girly and cool! She had told me she was in a band called Anne Claire, told me to check out their website and invited me to a show. I was amazed when I did, such talent, I couldn`t understand how they hadn`t been picked up yet...

I moved in and it was great, my roommate told me she was going to perform in some kind of contest and it was going to be aired on TV, being new in town I wasn`t sure what it was but I had told her I would definitely give my support! I wasn`t able to watch the show on the day it aired, but the next day I rushed to Youtube (God bless them) and SHE WON!!!!!! SO, I am now roommates (till April at least) with Switzerlands representative for the Eurovision contest!!!!!! I am super cool people! and that`s my claim to fame for now : ) enjoy her winning performance!

I am here

Finding time to share my world hasn`t been easy, so I have ended up keeping a lot inside which I feel is a little unhealthy, so here I am back to unload all I have stored up. So much has happened...

So I lied last year when I said I would be more consistent, but hopefully I will be able to keep that promise this year. The big news from 2010 was that I moved to Switzerland : ) I am a student once again, is it bad that I am already done with the experience, I just miss the freedoms that earning money gives you!!!! but I shall milk this whole thing for all it`s worth, lots of backpacking planned. Me and my man friend made it to 2011 yay! Long distance has been tough but we have managed to keep things interesting so happiness all around!

Happy new year to all, still working on getting a camera, till then I shall depend on pics by friends, this one was taken by the beautiful Maeva, when she came to visit me here, we were in Bar Rouge that evening, you can view the whole of Basel and beyond from there : )

Monday, February 22, 2010

Over the rainbow...

Happy new Year, it's been a very fast year so far, the weeks are moving along really quickly and I most say I am quite happy about all my little projects unfolding as the rime rushes by. 

Quick summary of all that's been going on since I last shared. So last year my friend did get married, I feel I did a good job as a first time bridesmaid, I ended having to hook up all the little flower girls with french braids while also trying to get myself together, let's just say I dunno if I want to be that involved in a wedding that's not mine again....I didn't say it loud enough cause already another friend is trying to sign me up for the same gig 'God Help me!'. Also in 2009 I got to see my friend Maryam (she lives in DC, I live in Lagos) twice in one year, that never happens, so it was great to catch up. She decided to come out and celebrate her birthday with us and we were toooooo happy to oblige! That's us in the pic with my beautiful sisters!

My man-friend went off to school and so our relationship is now long-distance, I feel very mixed about this....

My sister, I and Sally launched our new t-shirt collection and the feedback has been great, we are presently working on revamping our website and just being more organized feels good that we're still in business after all these years!

And that brings us to this morning, I just watched the Marc Jacobs show compiled by one of my favorite fashion bloggers Garance Dore and it put me in very high spirits, my own personal Monday morning boost! Some people need coffee, I need my Bill Cunningham (NYtimes on the street), Scott Schuman (the Satorialist) and Garance. Every time I see something beautiful it gives me hope and inspires me so I already know this week is gong to be great (it helps that Friday may actually be a public holiday). Well hopefully I'll be a bit more consistent this year as far as sharing my thoughts in blogville, just taking everything one step at a time.

Tchau xoxo

Friday, October 30, 2009


My friend Bee is getting married and I am so excited but at the same time a little anxious. She made me  Chief brides-maid (and there's two of us) but I feel I haven't quite lived up to expectations even though I'm not sure what exactly the expectations are these days. From all I've seen on the big screen the CBM is the brides biatch for the day of the ceremony, she basically has to be prepared for anything, soooooo does that mean I twiddle my thumbs till the day of? (wich is in 2 weeks btw). 

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Feeling a huge bout of frustration! I feel like I am loosing control of my situation/life, de ja vu almost. I'm probably not making any sense right now but I just need to blow off some steam, so please bear with me.......... I tried to find a picture that would match my mood and this was the perfect one, lol. Disbelief mixed with shock... I wish everything could be still and just wait for me to collect my thoughts. I shall definitely be munching on some dumplings tonight so I can get everything back in perspective, they just make everything feel so much better!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


I finally stopped being lazy and compiled some pictures from my European summer, it was calm, quick and educational...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On dumplings again!

So I'm off to Europe soon. I'm a bit anxious about it, but in a good way. Change is always good and I shall be going through a lot of it in the next couple of months, scary but good. 

Just rediscovered one of the bands I liked back then, Domino band with lead singer Domino Kirke. They weren't signed and used to play regularly out of ANNEX in New York city. Lucky me, my roommate at the time was dating the drummer (the one holding the wine bottle) so I was allowed to be a groupie and for a cool band... good times!